Video interview: David Shor, political data scientist

The whiz-kid political analyst explains why Democrats need to talk about bread-and-butter issues

As political analysts go, David Shor is something of a wunderkind. He slices the data, he dices the data, he extracts insights that other analysts miss! Sometimes his fealty to the numbers instead of the narrative lands him in hot water, but he’s managed to craft a unifying theory of American politics that seems to be slowly winning converts (a phenomenon known in some circles as “Shorpilling”. Also, the long hair is really working for him, in my opinion.

In this hour-long interview, we discuss a bunch of fun political topics, including:

  • Why Bernie Sanders lost

  • Why some Hispanics shifted to the GOP in 2020, and whether Democrats should be worried

  • What kind of issues Democrats should emphasize

  • How liberal or conservative America really is

  • Whether the surge of pro-immigration sentiment is real

  • Whether and how elites drive changes in mass opinion

…and much more!