Interview: John Lettieri of the Economic Innovation Group


John Lettieri is the founder and CEO of the Economic Innovation Group, an independent nonpartisan think tank focused on restoring U.S. growth and dynamism. If you know me, you’ll know that restoring U.S. growth and dynamism is very high on my own priority list. Thus I’m very happy to see John and the EIG gaining influence on Capitol Hill.

Because make no mistake about it: They are gaining influence. Biden just agreed to put Heartland Visas, a region-based immigration program, in his big immigration reform bill. I was around back when place-based visas were just a neat idea being thrown around on Twitter. A few years later, and they stand a good chance of becoming a reality. Meanwhile, other growth-oriented EIG ideas like a federal ban on noncompete agreements are also moving through Congress. I really like that one too, by the way.

That attests to Lettieri’s acumen at convincing politicians to back his ideas. If you’ve ever wondered “Gee, I wish I could get politicians to listen to my ideas,” this interview is for you, because John explains how does it. And if you have an idea for restoring growth and dynamism to the American economy in a fair and equitable way, maybe you should pitch it to EIG!